About open science

Open science is a movement that aims to promote and obtain free access to scientific knowledge, data and results of the research.

The research team of the Center for behavioral genetics is dedicated to the idea that knowledge and information need to be available to everybody.

Relevant information about the open approach, open data and pre-registration of the research, open code and many more important topics can be found in Serbia’s first manual for open science.

Smederevac, S., Pajić, D., Radovanović, S., Ghilezan, S., Čolović, P. i Milosavljević, B. (2020). Open Science – Practice and Perspectives Novi Sad: Univerzitet u Novom Sadu

National (web)portal for open science

National (web)portal for open science is a central platform that offers information about open science in Serbia where one can obtain national and institutional politics, institutional repositories of scientific works, information about open data etc.

Repository of the University of Novi Sad

Repository of the University of Novi Sad is developing and currently offering access to the research profiles of all professors and associates, where the information about their publications are. Professors and assistants are encouraged to publish their work in open domain, in order to provide visibility, transparency and sample dissemination.

BEOPEN– Boosting engagement of Serbian universities in Open Science

BEOPEN project has enabled the introduction of the basic principles of open science in research-oriented organizations in Serbia. All state universities in Serbia, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in collaboration with the researches form Goldsmiths University in London, Leiden University, The University of Udine and National Technical University of Athens have, with joined efforts, contributed to the adoption of Platform for open science, institutional politics of open science and the creation of open repositories of scientific publications at every state university.