Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad

About the Center

Center for behavioral genetics (CBG) is currently the only center in Serbia that conducts scientific research in the field of behavioral genetics. CBG was founded in 2013 at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. The team consists of teachers and associates of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Medicine i.e. doctors of psychology and doctors of medicine with many years of work experience and experience in scientific research. In addition, students of different levels of study are also a part of the team, which gives them an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills through volunteer work in the Center and working with more experienced colleagues.

The aim of the CBG is conducting a twin study, i.e. research with twin pairs (monozygotic and dizygotic), so as to come to know the effects of environmental (family, lifestyle, nutrition, etc.) and genetic factors (DNA), as well as their interactions, on the development and formation of personality traits, intelligence and other psychological and physiological characteristics.

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Activities of the Center

Apart from the scientific research, CBG also nurtures the practical side of psychology and medicine. This practical side expands to several areas:

Scientific research

Conducting scientific research on the role of hereditary and environmental factors in the development of personality traits, intellectual abilities and different characteristics connected with mental health.

Statistical data analysis

The Center offers a range of services related to choosing the methodological design of the study, conducting research and statistical data analysis.


We continuously educate parents who have or are expecting twins.

Open science

The Center actively promotes open science.

Latest news

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